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A substance or material that allows electrons, or electrical current, to flow through it.

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Sports information

Dan Dial’s Molecular Enhancer™ is a boon for athletes.

During training and competition energy is at a premium. Many times muscles are torn and damaged, not allowed to rest, thus contributing to a slow recovery. Without adequate flow throughout the body, waste products accumulate in the muscle tissue and that can lead to less oxygen and nutrition in the cells.

The result can be lasting damage, missed training, decreased vitality and reduced performance.

By activating the metabolism and blood circulation, more nutrients and oxygen are available to muscle cells. The body experiences less damage, shorter recovery time and improved sports performance. The benefit is that this is totally natural—the body recovers on its own once it has the energy it needs to repair and strengthen.

A property of pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) devices, such as Dan Dial’s Molecular Enhancer™, is that they fully penetrate the body, down to the cellular level. Athletes can increase sports performance without drugs.

Dan Dial’s Molecular Enhancer™ appears to provide the energy the body needs to repair and make ready for exertion. That is especially important for athletes who are pushing themselves to their physical limits each time they train.

"It may be called the Molecular Enhancer and it is great for athletes, but it shouldn’t be confused with enhancement drugs," explained Dan Dial, creator of the original Molecular Enhancer. "Don’t be misled. It has the name Molecular Enhancer because when used, it excites the cells on a molecular level, providing the energy cells need to raise their levels to those needed for self healing and reinvigorating.

"You are doing the work," he said. "The Molecular Enhancer is just a tool to help you be the best you can be. It won’t make you a super athlete or create abilities or talents that are not naturally yours. No gain can happen without work on your part."

Sports research has shown dramatic reduction in pain and inflammation in treatment for sports injuries by increasing oxygenation to the blood, which leads to improved circulation and cell metabolism. It appears that when using a PEMF device swelling is reduced and because of the added energy stimulation, the body is able to repair damaged tissue and speeds up the healing process.

Research is also exploring these types of benefits for athletes who use PEMF devices:

• Work out and compete harder, with more energy.
• Increase physical strength and stamina.
• Increase circulation and oxygen intake.
• Shorten recovery time from injury and/or surgery.
• Increase energy available for cell regeneration.
• Reduce or eliminate chronic pain and soreness.
• Improve the ability to focus and concentrate.

When the overall energy level improves, health is stabilized and fitness increases.

No PEMF device takes the place of a balanced life style. These devices are meant to be an additional tool to help a person achieve balance in a world that demands so much of our energy.

The Molecular Enhancer does not heal or cure. It helps provide the energy the body needs to function properly.