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Circuit:  A complete or partial path followed by a flow of electric current.

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Dan Dial's Molecular Enhancer™ operates on a very simple principle. It oscillates the cell's subatomic structure to increase its energy-field. This, in turn, charges the total molecular structure of the cell, increasing its energy-field size.

Because of the increased energy field, the orientation of the molecule must become more precise to fit in the space. That provides a better sense of timing between the cell components. Proper synchronous activity in the cell promotes better energy transfer between the cell's components and other cells.

A simple way to describe the effect of the Enhancer is that it is similar to a box of marbles. If gently shaken, the marbles will orient themselves in an orderly pattern dictated by their size and shape. This is true of the molecular machinery in the cell. Proper spacing and timing are critical for normal operation.

The use of the Enhancer creates the resonant condition that allows maximum potential to be achieved in the cell and that allows maximum efficiency of cell processes according to the DNA code. The Enhancer appears to provide the energy necessary to activate and "sync up" the repair sequences in the DNA.

The Enhancer also assists the body's defenses in recognizing damaged or mutated cells.

This occurs because of the individual cell's resonant field energy: the vast majority of the cells in the body are healthy, they have the same genetic structure, and therefore resonate together at the approximate rate.

When the body has enough energy present to operate efficiently any cell that has a different genetic structure (i.e., mutated or damaged DNA) will develop a different charge level. But when there is enough energy present, the body can "see" the faulty cells more easily (because those cells have a different resonant speed) and then can dispose of them though regular body processes. However, friendly organisms that the body recognizes are not affected.

Other energy devices that are geared to destroy the diseased cells directly can cause toxic die-off (Herxhiemer reaction) and shock the body's elimination system. Unlike these devices, the Molecular Enhancer powers the body's immune system, allowing the removal of toxins at the body's own rate.

I suggest the use of the Enhancer as an addition to other modalities, not a replacement.

It has been my experience that the body will always seek equilibrium if provided the vehicle. The Molecular Enhancer provides the energy vehicle but not the nutrients needed to rebuild the system. Though, the Enhancer augments the assimilation of herbs, vitamins and/or synthetic drugs.

Again, I have seen that it takes energy, nutrients (balanced diet and/or supplements/herbs) and a positive attitude to create a healthily system and make the changes that people want to see in their overall health.

I hope you benefit from the use of the Molecular Enhancer as much as my family and I have.

Thank you,
Dan Dial / Inventor

The Molecular Enhancer does not heal or cure. It helps provide the energy the body needs to function properly.