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Dan's Physics Corner

If gravity is an attraction why are there two tides?

Or perhaps gravity isn't so attractive.

Conventional theory says that gravity is attractive force acting between two or more bodies.  They state that the gravitational force of the moon pulls the water up, but...

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Landi's Corner

The inner intelligence of the body is the ultimate and supreme genius in nature.  It mirrors the wisdom of the cosmos.”  - Vedic verse

In the world of physics, all objects have a natural, or resonant, frequency or set of frequencies to which they vibrate when set in motion.  Resonance occurs when the frequency of the object causing the motion matches the natural frequency of the moved object.  A body prefers to vibrate at its highest level – its resonant frequency – while using the least amount of energy.

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Molecular Enhancer Price Increase and Customer Service Upgrades

Over the past 7 years we have kept the Molecular Enhancer price the same but now must add a small increase to cover the rising material costs.  The good to come out of this is that we are also redoing our office structure and we know those changes will bring better customer service.

Web Site Makeover

The www.DansEnhancer.com Web site was recently redesigned to provide a cleaner, more professional look including articles on PEMF therapy and an opportunity for Enhancer users to share their experiences and pictures. Hope you like it!

Molecular Enhancer Upgrades - 2013

New Bulb Wire: We have just been able to find a better quality bulb wire with a silicone jacket that reduces the electrical leakage that was occurring with the earlier type of wire. It is far more flexible and reduces the prickly feeling when the wire is touching you. We like that! It also should improve the lifespan of the bulb assembly.

New Transformers: We are excited to report that our transformers are now custom built for the Molecular Enhancer application and are factory direct (they are not available publicly) and should stop the fade out we're been experiencing on some of the transformers. We worked hard to solve this problem and are happy to finally be seeing results!

2006 - The latest version of the Molecular Enhancer has no part weighing more than 26 pounds. It is travel and storage friendly, making it more convenient to use. The new Enhancer bulb is made from break-resistant glass, and its size and shape make it easier to use on hard-to-reach areas. With the addition of the fan-cooler assembly, the Enhancer has unlimited running time.  

The Molecular Enhancer does not heal or cure. It helps provide the energy the body needs to function properly.