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Technical Description

A simple way to describe the effect of the Molecular Enhancer is that it is similar to a box of marbles. If gently shaken, the marbles will orient themselves in an orderly pattern dictated by their size and shape. This is true of the molecular machinery in the cell. Proper spacing and timing are critical for normal operation.

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Learn More - Glossary of Terms

Charge: Electricity produced by a surplus of electrons in an object.

Charge Up: Bring the body up to an optimum energy level for normal function.

Circuit: A complete or partial path followed by a flow of electric current.

Conductor: A substance or material that allows electrons, or electrical current, to flow through it.

Current: The volume of electricity through a conductor.

Deficit: Lack of potential energy in an area, or body caused by infection or injury.

Draw: The amount of energy being absorbed at any given time by the person.

Electric Field: A force field that fills the space around an electric charge or group of charges. In a person, this refers to the state of electrical charge available in each cell.

Electricity: A property of matter caused by the movement of electrons. Electricity is not energy; rather, it is the carrier of energy.

Electromagnetic Field: The field of force associated with electric charge in motion. Because electric and magnetic fields are mutually dependent (a changing magnetic field produces an electric field; a changing electric field generates a magnetic field), they are most often considered together.

Electromagnetic Wave: A wave of energy that results from the motion of electric charges. Unlike some waves, including sound waves, which cannot travel through a vacuum, electromagnetic waves require no medium through which to travel. Different frequencies of oscillation give rise to the different types of waves - from radio waves at the lower frequencies, to visible light at intermediate frequencies, to gamma rays at the highest frequencies.

Electron: A negatively charged subatomic particle with wave-like properties. Electrons in motion constitute electric current.

Healing Crisis: The body's reaction to hidden illnesses or malfunctions in the body that manifest themselves as a sick flu like feeling.

High Resonant Potential: The amount of additional energy available over existing levels within the person being affected.

Induction: Transfer of energy electromagnetically from machine to person without current through an insulator.

Insulator: An object or material that does not let electricity pass through it.

Magnetic Field: A condition produced by the motion of electric charges (electric currents).

Modalities: Methods of treatment (including massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, chemical therapies, surgery and healing hands).

Multiple Wave Oscillator: A device that generates more than one electromagnetic waveform at a time.

Multiple Wave Resonance: When several frequencies resonate a structure at the same time.

Optimum Interactive Arrangement: the most energy avaliable for support of cellular and intercellular operations.

Orientation Of The Molecule: Position of the molecule in relation to the other molecules in the system for efficient transfer of energy and processes.

Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMFT): PEMFT influences cell behavior by inducing electrical charges around and within the cell. The Molecular Enhancer is a PEMF device.

Resonance: A frequency or harmonic in which a given molecule or system oscillates naturally at a particular speed.

Resonant Condition: When the molecular structure is vibrating along with the source of resonant energy.

Saturation: When the body or a specific area of the body has reached its maximum energy absorption. Any "excess" energy naturally leaves the body into space.

Sub-atomic Structure: The components that make up the internal structure of each atom.

Volt: A unit for measuring the force used in the movement of an electric current. It is the pressure that moves electric current through a conductor.

The Molecular Enhancer does not heal or cure. It helps provide the energy the body needs to function properly.