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Have you taken the time to reflect this week?

I'm going to start my "corner" out by sharing the Introduction from our book, "So, You're Interested in a Resonant Energy Device?". I feel it sets the tone for what Dan and I are trying to share with others.

Our book is written for anyone interested in energy and energy-resonance devices. It is not intended to present a comprehensive history, nor is it an all-inclusive guide to such devices. It is an introduction—a simple, first-step guide on resonance and a few of the devices you might find at an energy symposium.

When my husband first came up with the Dan Dial's Molecular Enhancer™ over 30 years ago, I know he did not realize the positive effect it would have on so many people.

At first, the Enhancer was just another experiment—a way to watch interactions between resonant energy and the body. But as more and more people used the Enhancer, and as Dan received increasing numbers of calls about how it assisted them with their health challenges, he knew he had inadvertently created a powerful tool to which the body appeared to respond.

Eventually, we came to realize that the Enhancer was working on a profound yet simple principle: When presented with a source of energy, the body will gather the energy it needs to balance its systems.

As more and more resonance devices arrive on the scene, we receive some pretty funny phone calls from people who have strolled through the product hall of an energy symposium and have heard that resonance is the "next big thing" to hit the healing and well-being market. They are told that one resonance device can grow back hair and another can grow back teeth, and, if you use this device, you won't need to use anything else to achieve your goal!

Usually, we have a good laugh with the person on the phone, after which comes a pause followed by the softly asked question, "resonance can't really do that, can it?"

Over the years, we have come to understand that there is little in the way of simple basic information available to the person interested in resonant-energy devices. Much of it is theoretical and hard to understand. When you couple this lack of straightforward information with a good salesperson, a lot of misinformation is sold.

It reminds me of the game of telephone. By the time the news gets back to us about what resonance can do, it sounds as if it can cure most anything!

We've included in this book a section of basic questions and answers that will help you navigate the expanding market of resonance devices and determine whether the salespeople truly know their products.

With this little book in hand, you'll have a head start in an expo hall, because you'll know the basics of what to ask. You won't have to wonder, "What should I ask? How will I know if they're telling the truth?"

But before you even begin researching resonance devices, consider why you are looking for one. Resonance creates movement and flow; it helps undo stagnation; it is about creating energy. Resonance cannot, however, create chemical compounds. If you have a calcium deficiency, a resonance device will not put calcium back into your system.

Ask yourself what you are looking for. Are you looking for an additional source of energy for your body? Why? Is it because you're getting older, but want to continue enjoying life? Is it because you're run down from a treatment and know you need more energy?

Next, ask yourself what kind of device fits your lifestyle. When using a resonance device, consistency is important. If you cannot sit for an hour at a time, no matter what your body is faced with, a resonance device might not be for you.

Shop smart. Don't buy something you won't use.

We know why Dan Dial's Molecular Enhancer™ works and how it fits into the bigger picture of health. We understand it does not heal or cure. In our experience, it's not one single thing that brings you back to health. Making a change in your life is about gathering the right tools around you—those that work for you, those that you will use.

All the best,
Landi Dial

The Molecular Enhancer does not heal or cure. It helps provide the energy the body needs to function properly.