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If gravity is an attraction why are there two tides?  Or perhaps gravity isn't so attractive.

Conventional theory states that gravity is attractive force acting between two or more bodies. They state that the gravitational force of the moon pulls the water up, butÖÖ

If so why are there two tides? According to that theory (attraction model) there should only be one tide a day but in reality there are two high and low tides a day. Taking that into account where is the other moon? Or perhaps the effect is being looked at in the wrong perspective. Consider an alternate theoryÖ.

From my point of view gravity isnít pull at all but merely a behavior of resistance. Effects Iíve observed do not follow the conventional gravitational model. Gravity is more of a vertical flow of energy into all earth surfaces versus the outflow of energy from the earthís center.  Matter impedes this flow of energy from the local vacuum of space around the earth moving vertically toward the planetís center, the resistance is generated as the energy of space as it passes through an object what is perceived as mass (weight). This impedance is determined by how much of the vertical flow the object interferes with, I.E. the greater the interference the greater the mass.

Consider that the moonís shadow does not pull the water up but actually lowers the pressure against it. The shadow of the moon produces a column of reduced pressure (roughly itís diameter) that passes through the central axis of the earth and out the other side, this effects the entire earth clear through to the other side and out into space. When the moonís shadow passes overhead the density of all the objects in the shadow drops an almost imperceptible amount. So when the moon is overhead the water on both sides of the earth expands a little. This is also true in the rest of the earth in between.

The USGS did an experiment to measure the tectonic pressure in a fault zone inCalifornia. They drilled a hole into the rock 1200 ft. then they placed a hydraulic bladder at the bottom of the hole concreted it in with a hydraulic line to the surface. Upon hooking the gauge up to the system they were watching it and as the moon began to rise above the horizon the pressure in the rocks jumped 10,000 PSI. The interesting part is that 12 hours later the pressure jumped again as before. This points out the density of matter is not stationary it actually changes constantly (at least twice a day). The USGS attributed it to the ocean tides. Tides? How could a few feet of water generate 10,000 psi several miles away from the shoreline?

Another good example is cancer challenged people Iíve observed at the new moon / full moon cycles. Studying the cancer challenged I noticed that at certain times in the month they would have far more discomfort and pain in approximately two week cycles. I found that the pain and discomfort occurred right around the new / full moon peaks (3 days either side of it). If one thinks about it the cancer tumors are already pushing on nerves and other internal parts. Imagine what would happens if the tissue change physical volume ever so slightly. The strongest changes in density tend to occur at the new and full moons when the sun, moon, and earth are in a line.

When you look at the facts and realities around the conventional gravity theory thinking falls short. Gravity, it has to be a push rather than a pull, why else doesnít the earthís atmosphere vent off into space? Thatís because it is held down to the next densest thing which is the surface of the earth. Gravity is a tug-o-war (equilibrium) between the inflow from space and the returning (slower) outflow of energy from the center of the earth. This balance determines what something weighs due to a particular resistance level. If the outflow were to decrease any sizable amount the atmosphere would collapse into the surface much like the conditions on Mars (9/1000ths of an earthís atmospheric pressure at the surface).

The same gravimetric forces are what make larger celestial bodies to become round like large moons, planets, and stars. They are being pushed into shape by the volume of energy flowing into it from all sides. The sun for instance its surface is the equilibrium point between inflow and outflow much like a bubble. The internal pressure holds it out to the point we see. While the pressure of space is pushing in holding it back from expanding any further (surface tension). Essentially, the vacuum of space exerts a tremendous of pressure on surfaces of all matter vertically. The slower magnetic fields bend as they move out into space but remain fairly straight when the energy flows out of the earthís surface. Magnetic fields bend more easily as density of what they pass through drops.

So rather than being magnets drawn to each other as the current theory implies we are more akin to pieces of paper stuck to a fence in a high wind. Gravity is a function of resistance and not attraction. And understanding it in these contexts makes what is going on more understandable and workable.

Hereís a chance to change perspectives and view the earth leading to new ideas and developments, whatís your take on it?

 Questions are invited,

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