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New Bulb Wire:  We have just been able to find a better quality bulb wire with a silicone jacket that reduces the electrical leakage that was occurring with the earlier type of wire.  It is far more flexible and reduces the prickly feeling when the wire is touching you.  We like that!  It also should improve the lifespan of the bulb assembly.

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User Experiences

Paul Russell: "I work as a timber faller in the Pacific Northwest. In 1998, I was severely hurt when a tree landed on the small of my back. My doctor was unable to tell me how or when the pain would stop, ...

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We are here to provide a companion tool to improve well-being.

woman with the lightbulb in her handsSince 1976, when Dan Dial invented the original Molecular Enhancer, it has provided a way to revitalize the body. Using Dan Dial’s Molecular Enhancer™ each day helps provide the body with the energy it needs to keep up with today's stressful hurry-up-and-get-it-done lifestyle. It is a non-harmful aid that uses multi-wave oscillations rather than direct current. The Molecular Enhancer is a safe way to raise your body's energy to heal itself. The device has been discovered by thousands all over the world and has had exceptional results in numerous situations.

How does the Enhancer work?

The Enhancer works through resonance. Resonance is the natural speed at which any given structure moves. Resonance is about movement and oscillation. All the body's parts must be moving together in order to be in balance. The Enhancer, by creating a resonant condition in the body, creates the potential for harmony in the body's relationship to itself.

The Molecular Enhancer does not heal or cure. It helps provide the energy the body needs to function properly.

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Blog Now Available - Join the Conversation!

We are excited to announce Dan Dial's (creator/inventor of the Molecular Enhancer) new Blog.  Here you will be able to:

  • Learn More About Dan
  • Review His Many Patents
  • Read and Interact With Dan About:
    • Science
    • Health and Body
    • General Technologies

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The Molecular Enhancer does not heal or cure. It helps provide the energy the body needs to function properly.